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Full Movie: In A Parallel Universe

In A Parallel Universe

Nerdy Harold (Tyler Nixon) is obsessed with proving the existence of parallel universes to our own, arguing it would reinforce the concept of free will - offering infinite possibilities.The only other thing he cares about is his beautiful stepmom Sally (Jennifer White).

Sally wakes up next morning in her skintight leggings and finds Harold still on the living room floor, having pulled an all-nighter working on his equations. He's enthusiastic that he's succeeded in proving his theory: "This is going to change the world".

He then confesses to her: "I love you more than a stepson should love a mother". "What if there was another universe? What if we lived there and we were in love and spent the rest of our lives together?", noting "My life's work is all for you".

She gently kisses him and leaves the room. At her bedroom mirror wearing sexy lingerie, she gets dressed, asking the mirror: "I wonder what the other infinite Sallys would do?".

She finds Harold on his bed, covered by his papers. He wakes up and she joins him on the bed. "Harold, what if you didn't have to travel to another universe to get what you want? What if it would happen right here and now? She kisses him sensitively and continues: "I thought about it too - I tried to repress it -it's wrong, since the first time we met."

Watch the story unfold..

Released:Aug 05, 2022
Length:42 min

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